Here are some very amazing facts about the fascinating and heart taking, game of soccer which are certainly unknown to a large number of people still. So let us have a look at them.

How Was The Word Soccer Originated?

A very few people know that the word soccer was abbreviated from the word association football. The origination of this word dates back in the year 1880, where some student of the Oxford University abbreviated the words by adding er behind them. Charles Wreford Brown who was once a student of Oxford University is credited for the invention of the soccer, but this fact lacks supporting evidence.

From Where Did the Phrase Score A Goal Come From?

In the early day to keep the track of number of goals small marks were made on the post. A nick was made, on the post whenever a goal was conceded. So it was being said that a goal was scored on the post, due to this the phrase to score a goal was formed.

History Of Soccer Ball

The main inspiration for the shape of a modern soccer ball was said to be a human head. But still the existence of the soccer ball is unknown and a wide range of forms and variations have been recorded throughout history. The earliest form of the soccer was documented from being made up of animal skin which was found in China around 250 BC. Historians have noted the game to be played with cloth, hides, and even skulls. Today also a myriad range of brands and styles of the ball are available.

Mob Soccer

In the 7th and the 9th century a violent game had emerged between the villages. The main objective of this game was to push the ball in the center square of the rival village. This game went on to become violent at such an extent that the neighboring villages were urged to take cover and protect their windows. Murders or manslaughter were restricted during the game.

World’s Oldest Soccer Competition

FA Cup which is also known as Football Association Challenge Cup is the oldest soccer competition. It was first conducted in 1871 in which teams from the English football league competed with each other.

Some Unknown Facts About Soccer Which Will Make You Go Wow